Fierce Fashion Week Sew-Up

My latest make is one that I am so proud of and definitely deserves its own blog post.  I haven't had the chance to sew on such a grand scale in quite some time and it was so wonderful to break out of my comfort zone and get back to my roots.  Many may not know, but I started my sewing journey when I was nine and mainly worked with woven fabrics.  It eventually led to me designing and creating my own prom dresses in high school and then branching out into knit fabrics after I had J.  So when I saw the call for seamstresses that were interested in creating something over the top and amazing, I knew I wanted to be a part of this journey!!

Pattern Modification-Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs Go Moto

The other day I was perusing the inter-webs searching for a pair of pleather moto leggings when I stumbled upon this pair from Spanx. I immediately knew that these were the ones I had been searching for! That is, until I looked at the price! All I could think was "man, I bet they are amazing" but I just couldn't justify the price when I knew I could make something similar for much, much cheaper!