Wearable Art-The Valentine Love Bear

Appliqué is a huge part of my sewing “style”. I love adding in all of the little extras to really make a piece of wearable art! I usually design my own appliqué patterns but I also love using ones made by fellow girl bosses. One such Girl Boss is Amanda Ho Hanson over at Whimsy Baby Customs. Her appliqué patterns are fun, whimsical, and perfect for the beginner! Here are a few that I’ve sewn up recently…


Today though, I’m going to focus on her newest appliqué pattern, The Valentine Love Bear. It’s perfect for all of your Valentine’s Day sewing projects and easily carries over to other parts of the year. You can check out all of her great patterns, including this one, as well as her whimsical line of custom fabrics here:

www.whimsybabycustoms.com (USA)

www.whimsybabycustoms.ca (Canada)


So…back to the Valentine Love Bear pattern. Recently I’ve gotten some questions on Facebook and Instagram about tips and tricks for doing applique including, which type of thread to use, how to maneuver the small corners, and what kind of adhesive is best. So, I made a little video while I was sewing up the new Valentine Love Bear pattern!

I hope it answers any questions you may have regarding the applique process and helps you get inspired to try to create your own piece of wearable art!  If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section!

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