Mom! It’s Snowing!

That was the first thing I heard this morning as J came running through the house. Followed by…”we go outside and play in it?” While I’m normally all for bundling him up and heading out into the outdoors, this morning the wind was blowing like crazy and I knew he would be miserable within minutes. So, I did the next best thing and brought the snow indoors!

Snow painting is a fun and relatively low mess activity, which is perfect for those snowy days. It also doesn’t take much for supplies either. All you need is a deep baking dish or bowl, paintbrushes, food coloring, an ice cube tray, and snow!

Just fill your ice cube tray with cold water and add a couple of drops of food coloring to each cube. Next, head outside and scoop some snow into your pan/bowl. Then, give them a paintbrush and let them paint away! J also loves to play in it with his little construction vehicles as well as make snowmen using these little tongs.

We’re currently on our third pan of snow today! When it melts, just dump it out and fill your pan/bowl with new snow! So, the next time a snow day is in your future try bringing it inside!

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